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Man of Honor by Ethan Radcliff

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New Feature release

Trusting Him


New York City, a romance conference, two established erotic romance writers meet and venture into another world, the world of BDSM.
She’s finally confident and sexy, after years of self-doubt. He’s found a partner he can be dominant with and now wants more. He wants her love. She’s fallen hard. He wants to own her. She needs to belong to him completely.
Not even two countries and thousands of miles can keep two hearts from each other. Nor can it keep them from the strongest bonds of love leaving the vanilla world behind.
In a decadent purple dungeon on the Upper East Side of New York City two people connect. They discover they have the same hidden desires and fall in love.

New Breakout Author

The Neighbours Property (The Blackmailing Neighbour Book 2)

**18 and over adult content** M/M Erotica

One of the hottest gay reads you will find
Grab part one of The Blackmailing Neighbour series of shorts

Craig’s wife is home. The neighbor has invited them over. Craig is hesitant, considering what happened the last time he went to see his neighbor.
One night while his wife is away, he is surprised to find a note from his neighbor Jack asking him over. Craig soon learns Jack has some rather incriminating information and threatens to tell his wife what he’s been up to while she’s been away. Craig is confused at first but then learns what Jack wants. He wants Craig. Jack's threat is out there, and the blackmailing begins, but you'll be surprised why.

Top Selling

Emily's Passion

Emily Terbridge found herself widowed and alone. Her sexual desires hadn’t shut down because she’d gotten older, or survived breast cancer, in fact she was more vibrant and alive now. With her maturity came the need to test the boundaries of her sexuality. She realized to do this, she needed to spend some time away from family and friends so she could explore her feelings and re-think herself.
She takes a much needed vacation and encounters Alan Cain, a retired businessman. The draw to him is instantaneous. She tries to fight her sexual attraction to him, but finds it’s hard to ignore the excitement he evokes in her just by being around him.
He’d been a Dom for many years and because of a D/s relationship that soured, he’d given up the lifestyle. When he meets Emily she brings out the Master in him, the Dom he thought he’d left behind. She’s a natural submissive and he discovers she’s curious about the BDSM lifestyle. He knows she’s holding back but perhaps he’s found a way into her heart. He offers her a chance to play, giving her an opportunity to explore with him her submissive side.
Emily is hesitant, can she trust him enough? Will their pasts get in the way? Or will Emily find her true passion?

Fan Favorite

The Black Dragon

**18 and over please, graphic sex, and hot aliens**

In the Dead of Space, no one can hear your screams of passion…
The future is not what humans expected, it’s taken major steps backwards. In the pitch-black void of space, humans try to make their way. They’re no longer the dominant species. Yet, humans, especially the females, are a sought after commodity on the slave trade planets of worlds uncivilized and primitive.
One devastated young woman, an auburn haired beauty, having watched her captain’s head blown off, catches the eye of a Wharthon captain. She’s the second in command of the fallen ship.
Criton, the Wharthon captain, is an alien. His species is similar yet different he craves her blood and her sex. From the moment he see her, his body reacts with a fierce need to taste the female, in more ways than one.
Criton will lose his heart to the human warrior woman, mate with her enabling his strong attractive species to flourish and once again thrive. Jersey will find in Criton her soul mate, her equal and the love she’d never hoped to find in the black, deep frightening recess of space.  

Editors Pick

Professional Detachment or The Eternal

Doctor Cindy Rosethorn struggles to save lives as an oncologist, but no one will save her soul. Her ex-husband—a man twice her age, her previous professor at medical school—had traded up for a young nurse, and she lives inside her office, fearing getting caught and fired. She is lost among the hospital corridors, and her patients die, decay around her.

She takes on a new patient, Timothy Fox, whom clinically she predicts will be dead of lymphoma in a matter of months, regardless of the radiation therapy she prescribes. He’s a man of the fields, an ancient spirit and sings poetry of the natural world. He brings her herbs, love and life, and she falls into him, violating the basic gospel of being a doctor: professional detachment. Their bodies join and merge in such ecstasy that she becomes addict to this fox. Cindy struggles against their love, but Timothy’s time is so fleeting in this world. How can she turn away the great love of her life? Can she love him and yet not hurt his treatment? Can she do what’s best for him and sacrifice her own needs?

Death makes the love real. San death and loss, there would be no love. She learns this in her agony and finds peace, finds the eternal.

Poetry Book of the Month

Angel's Journey: The poetic story continues

**Adult Content**

This book is a continuation of prose written as my alter-ego, “Angel” a natural submissive. She is sometimes lonely and always in need of being owned by a true Dom. Please enjoy a peek inside Angel’s Journey, the poetic journey continues. 

I've been Bitten!

Best Choice Publisher 2014

Best Choice Author Ethan Radcliff 2014

Best Choice Poet Ethan Radcliff 2014

Hot off the Press

** 18** and over please

We have asked twelve wonderful poets and authors to submit five poems that have to do with Valentine's Day...Love..Loss..Heartache...Rejection...Etc. The submissions were amazing. You will see all styles, some traditional others personal and some erotic. Then we asked them to do this for a good cause...to let us forward to proceeds to charity. Suzzana C Ryan and Cassandre Dayne two Bitten Press authors who enjoy writing poetry are also included, but not listed as authors becuase of the ten limit rule set by Amazon, so we are naming them here. We hope you enjoy. Thank you, Bitten Press LLC.

Scandalous Book of the Month!


They say our twenties is the time in our lives when we truly discover ourselves. The problem is, J. has been an awkward twenty-five year old for nearly a century and still hasn't figured it out yet. When his 100th birthday rolls around, J. realizes that he has put so much of his life into denying his true nature, that he has somehow forgotten to live it along the way. So, J. sets out with renewed determination to finally be a part of the world he has so desperately been clinging to. But, when an attempt to be the hero and save the girl goes horribly awry, the botched attempt to save Angie’s life turns his world upside down, plunging him, his friends, and the girl of his dreams into a world none of them knew existed--A dangerous world full of ancient secrets, temptation, and blood. Instead of answers, all they find are more questions. Will J. figure out what it all means and who he really is in time to be the hero?

Could he finally get his wish for a "normal" human life, or was the monster J. had worked so hard to bury, even closer to the surface than he ever thought possible?

May contain graphic sex and language not suitable for anyone under eighteen.

 A damn good read! May 11, 2015

Format:Kindle Edition
The writer has a delightfully catchy and casual style of writing, and draws you into his character J, the highly unusual kind of vampire you would lke to adopt, bring home, introduce him to your kids! Although nearly a hundred years old, youthful J is still having difficulty in making relationships. The book is revealing, erotic in parts, sensative in others. A damn good read! I'll certainly be looking for more books by J.W. Snootz.