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Something is different about the man
Who is a Master and has a firm hand
He looks for you to call him Sir 
His sub does without any stir
She accepts him above all others
And will kneel subdued at his feet
His needs she will always meet
And may sit there with another
For a Dom may enjoy more
A sex slave may be in store
For a treat with his adoring sub
He will watch, then open a door
To passion and pleasure no chore
There is something deep inside
A true Dom he cannot hide
He will take care of his own
Require his subs in his zone
Dom he will make all he meets
Drop to their knees at his feet
© 2014 by Ethan Radcliff

My mind is full of her 

She's a constant in me

I spend nights awake

My brain stuck on her

I try to sleep but all I can see

is her before me for heaven sake

She haunts me day and night

her scent my lovers plight

I love to slip inside my beauty

Perform an erotic lovers duty

She teases me 

She teases all

She likes to see

Me beg and crawl

I can't stop my desires

I can't think of life without my lover

She sets internal fires

I can't think of any woman above her

She is 


She is

My Elation

She is 


© 2014 by Ethan Radcliff


He's not your average man
He needs submission
And he will demand
There's no condition...
It's his way always
So he waits allays
Her fears no tears
Tonight the pain
Will be her gain
She'll be aroused
Beyond her dreams
Her fires doused
There always seems
To be more to this
You see she is his
To use, to abuse
own and make groan
She'll go to the unknown
In his private zone
Together Dom/sub
Will voice thier love

© 2014 by Ethan Radcliff

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The Magician

Ricardo Hanley loved his job as a male escort. He had a very special talent. He could bring any woman to orgasm. He wasn't called 'The Magician' without merit. Some said he was pure magic

Hazardous To Your Health

Are short and long volumes of poetry that are written within text of scriptures
Of different genres of works. The darker romance blend with the flavor of Gnostic erotic.
And the dark horror aienigma writing of the my Essex of Ravenskraft
You will experience the nature of the titles of snignostic odyssey. The dark forest
And the naughty naughty train shows are the freelance titles that set off
From the beginning being a struggling writer was to find the knowledge within
My mind state pandomonduim and decide with my different genres and the studding of poets
Like Poe. Lovecraft, gaimen. Poppy z.brite, Josephine ranes. Belinda hicks. And other
So this book has all styles of gothic favor.
The mystery of excitement of these poems.
You will witness the true nature of my works.
I hope you will read and enjoy the many faces
And thoughts and writes of father of a thousand raven
Welcome to curious cases of the 

A Kinky New Beginning

Dawn Eubank’s world came crashing down around her when an anonymous tip off alerted her to her fiancé’s treachery. Heartbroken but refusing to play the victim, the caramel complexioned beauty secured her heart in a steel cage. Her resolve to only seduce men for the sole purpose of satisfying her sexual needs proved more complicated than she anticipated. She eventually joined a discrete online adult community where she met Eddie Simmons. The handsome lovable rogue introduced Dawn to kinky sexual pleasures that unleashed her hidden inner freak and ushered her into a kinky new beginning.

The Wait, Britt's Undoing

 Mack Hargrove never waited for anything. He was an impatient man. When he met Britt England he wasn't sure what to make of the pretty blonde. She came across as too self-assured and confident. Mack liked his women, needy, submissive and well trained sexually.

It was rumored that the twenty eight year old was untried a virgin. That piqued Mack's curiosity and burned at his brain; he hadn't a challenge in years when it came to women.

He turned on the charm and sought out Britt only to find she'd make him play the waiting game. He'd turn the tables; he'd take what he wanted and walk away. He thought he'd won.

The wait had begun for Mack Hargrove. For the first time in his life he couldn't have what he wanted.
Jim's Revelation
Jim's an aspiring author, or so he tells people, he really is
a delivery person. He's been having an affair with a rich man's wife. Out of the
blue he starts hearing a voice. Is it a revelation? It's telling him there's
sacred ground beneath his lover's deck in her backyard by the lake. Bizzare
happenings begin.


Playing With The Enemy

Josie never played fair. Josie was like a magnet, men were drawn to her. And Josie liked men. She'd take any one's man, she looked at it as if he's out there looking and he's hot, why not. Josie was a bad girl and wore her gang colors proudly. She never knew when to stop.
She never knew when enough was enough until she met J.P. Adams a New York City police officer. He was the enemy and forbidden fruit. Yet neither could deny the other.
In a quiet village in Queens New York five houses are raided and the diabolical benefactors are furious; their multi-million dollar business is dismantled and destroyed. Someone had to pay. They will make an example of the cops who now were riding on the glory train.
Tragedy strikes. Each DEA agent, undercover cop and their families become a target. Josie’s gang strips her of her colors because she’s sleeping with the enemy. She too becomes a target.
The streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan may become a war zone. Two of the cops involved in the bust are murdered. The department is aware the remaining cops are now a target. One clue breaks open the door to justice. JP and Josie fall in love and in the midst of a drug Cartel’s revenge they struggle to survive. 

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